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  • TEHO cupric oxide: According to many customers’ feedback, their product properties and stability are significantly improved after using TEHO cupric oxide, and thus the product quality is much higher than those of the peer manufacturers. Therefore, TEHO Company has been designated as the sole supplier by many customers. At the same time, many famous multinational companies have been chosen Jiangsu Teho Metal Industrial Co., LTD as their long-term strategic cooperation partners. For example: after using TEHO copper oxide, the appearance brightness and performance of magnetic material products are much higher than those of other manufacturers.
    TEHO cuprous oxide: Jiangsu Teho Metal Industrial Co., LTD. is the largest domestic producer of cuprous oxide. After the usage of TEHO cuprous oxide by many international transnational corporations and well-known domestic companies, they all give a feedback that the performance of TEHO cuprous oxide in their products is not lower than any of the imported cuprous oxide. Therefore, TEHO Company has been designated as excellent supplier by domestic and abroad well-known enterprises. For example, TEHO cuprous oxide has the advantages of high suspension rate, good dispersion, and high cost effectiveness.
    TEHO nickel protoxide: TEHO nickel protoxide is completely comparable to the foreign high-quality nickel protoxide owing to its higher purity, more stable chemical properties, and more cost-effective, hence it is the unique choice to customer’s high-end requirements.
    TEHO anhydrous copper sulfate: TEHO anhydrous copper sulphate gain popularities over numerous enterprises due to its high purity, excellent properties, high hydroscopicity and high antibacterial ability. 

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