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Product name:Universal copper oxide

Properties and Uses

? ?Cupric oxide is a kind of +2 valence oxide of copper , black matter, display slightly amphoteric and slightly hygroscopicity, the formula is CuO, relative molecular mass is 79.545 ,density is 6.3~6.9g/cm3, melting point is 1326℃. It can soluble in acid and solution of ammonium chloride and potassium cyanide, insoluble in water and ethanol , dissolve slowly in ammonia water and react with alkaline solutions.
??Mainly used in the industry areas of glass , ceramics , enamel and clours , etc . It can be used as germicide , solar heat absorption material , artificial rainmarking materical ; it can also reduce tobacco tar.
??Note: according to the user requirements can provide ultra-fine grade products.
Product parameters:

Project Indicator
Copper oxide(CuO) ≥98%
Sulphate(SO42- ≤0.1%
Chlorine(Cl- ≤0.2%
Hydrotrope ≤0.1%
Rail(Fe) ≤0.3%
Lead(Pb) ≤50ppm
Cadmium(Cd) ≤5ppm
Chrom(Cr Vl) ND
Mercury(Hg) ND

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