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Product name:Universal cuprous oxide

Properties and Uses:

??Cuprous oxide is a valence oxide of copper, bright red material, the chemical formula is Cu2O, the relative molecular mass is 143.08. It is almost insoluble in water, in acid solution disproportionation of cupric and copper, it oxidates gradually into black cupric oxide in the wet air.
??It’s used as antipollution paint in the bottom of ship to kill lows forms of marine animal lives ;it can be also used as germicide , coloring agent in red glass . It can also used in manufacturing kinds of nantokites , analytical ??regent and rectifier electroplate of electric appliances industry.
Product parameters:

Project Indicator
Cu2O total reducing power ≥98.0
Metallire Copper ≤1.0
Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) ≥97.0
Total copper ≥87.0
Water ≤0.5
Acetone solute concentrations ≤0.5
After stability test  the decrement of reduction rate ≤2.0
Residue on Sieve (325mesh) ≤0.3
nitric acid insolubles on the griddle of 75μm ≤0.1
The metal content except copper ≤0.5

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